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Wyatt Earp

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Wyatt Earp summary: Wyatt Earp was born in Monmouth, Illinois. He had a half-brother Newton and a half-sister Mariah Ann from his father’s first marriage. In. Wyatt Earp, in full Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp, (born March 19,Monmouth, Illinois, U.S.—died January 13,Los Angeles, California), legendary frontiersman of the American West, who was an itinerant saloonkeeper, gambler, lawman, gunslinger, and confidence man but was perhaps best known for his involvement in the gunfight at the O.K.

Corral (). Wyatt Earp & The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

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InEarp and his longtime companion, the former prostitute Mattie Blaylock, left Dodge City for Tombstone, senjahundeklubb.com town was booming after a. The Largest and Most Informative Source for Information about Wyatt Earp from sources contemporary with the important incidents in his life while discussing.

Jun 24,  · Watch video · Directed by Lawrence Kasdan. With Kevin Costner, Dennis Quaid, Gene Hackman, David Andrews. The story of Wyatt Earp as he interacts and battles other famous figures of the Wild West era/10(40K). Wyatt Earp is the best known of all the frontier lawman.

Soft-spoken with nerves of steel, he survived countless gunfights due to his extraordinary patience.

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