Why do people want to be famous

I want to be famous

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Why are young people so obsessed with becoming famous?

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There were child movie stars deeply Michael J Fox. What is evident among people who want to be famous or who are famous is there constant need for attention.

It is as if they have no identity other than the one that is given to them by other people.


Whether they feel good or bad or love or hate themselves is being defined by the views of other people. People want to be famous to be noticed and given attention.

They don't want to be seen as a normal person, they want to be seen as something much more than that, like a king. At a collective, political level we should pay great attention to the fact that, today, so many people (particularly young ones) want to be famous – and even see fame as a necessary condition for a successful life.

Once upon a time, children aspired to be teachers, bankers, doctors. Now they just want to be celebrities. As a new series of Britain's Got Talent kicks off, Emma Brockes asks why. Are you a good player,do you love football and you want to be a femous and a rich player here is your opportunity be a member of the illuminati they will make you famous and very rich and power,i.

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Why do people want to be famous
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