Should high school students undergo a drug test

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Should High School Athletes Be Tested for Drug Use?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Testing in Schools

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Students who randomly are selected to undergo a drug test must prove their innocence by having a clean urine sample. This policy does not conform to previous. Drug test all high school students to reduce drug use and save lives!

Sounds like a slam dunk, right? Upon closer examination, there are both pros and cons to going down this path.

Should High School Students be Drug Tested? Should High School Students be Drug Tested? Drug test all high school students to reduce drug use and save lives. May 07,  · Not a Topix user yet? Sign Up.

Students should have to undergo drug testing, if the school requests it. In most cases, drug testing can easily be considered a violation of a person's privacy, which includes the contents of their body and bodily fluids.

In the case of a school asking for it, though, it should be alright, because the students don't have to. Discuss with your peers whether or not you think students should be subjected to drug testing under any circumstances. Students who randomly are selected to undergo a drug test must prove their innocence by having a clean urine policy does not conform to previous case law, including Vernonia School District v.

Should high school students undergo a drug test
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