Russian bering sea marine border issues

USSR–USA Maritime Boundary Agreement

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The hydrology of the Chukchi Sea is characterized by a complex hydrology. Three water masses enter the Chukchi Sea through the Bering Strait: Anadyr Water (AW), Bering Shelf Water (BSW) and Alaskan Coastal Water (ACW) ().The first two have relatively similar chemical and hydrological characteristics and are well mixed along their boundary (Springer & McRoy, ).

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Caspian Sea

A recently signed agreement between the US and Russian governments that aims to combat illegal crab fishing in the Bering Sea will allow the countries to work together on investigations and. the Bering Strait, there is a state border between Russia and the United States.

In the Eastern Arctic seas, there are a number of large islands – New Siberian Islands, Anjou Islands, Lyakhovskiy Islands, Medvezhii Islands, Wrangel. higher trophic levels of the ecosystem, i.e. sea birds and marine mammals while the structure and boundary coincides with the border of Russia’s EEZ in the Bering Sea and the maritime border of Russia in the Bering Strait and is thus entirely in the zone of Russia’s jurisdiction.

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Russian bering sea marine border issues
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