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Technician vs. Performer

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Playwright Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers. Are you looking for an inspirational quote about excellence for your newsletter, business presentation, website, training class, or inspirational posters?

These quotes about excellence will foster excitement and engagement in your employees. Let these Playwriting quotes help you to have a positive attitude toward life, and to think positively. Playwriting gets into your blood and you can't stop it.

At least not until the producers or the public tell you to. In playwriting, you've got to be able to write dialogue. And if you write enough of it and let it flow enough, you'll probably come across something that will give you a key as to structure.

I think the process of writing a play is working back and forth between the moment and the whole. Awards Quotes An award is a form of honor, a kind of recognition aimed to felicitate one’s excellent contribution in a chosen field.

An award is not only a great prestige or a mark of excellence, but is also a tremendous boost for someone to strive and excel higher and .

Inspirational quotes playwriting awards
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