Conservative authoritarianism traditionalistic kind of antidemocratic

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The Elections Reagan Would Like to Forget: An Analysis of the November 4 Election Results

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Right-wing authoritarianism

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Conservative authoritarianism was the first traditionalistic kind of antidemocratic government. These conservative authoritative governments wanted to keep things the way they were used to through bureaucracies.

Right-wing authoritarianism (RWA) Researchers have traditionally assumed that there was just one kind of authoritarian personality, who could be either a follower or a leader.

or the Republican Party in the United States. They generally have a conservative economic philosophy, are highly nationalistic, oppose abortion. Conservative Authoritarianism is a traditional form of antidemocratic government., Although some of the conservative authoritarian regimes adopted certain Hitlerian and fascist characteristics in the s, their general aims were limited.

Jan 12,  · We revisit fundamental theoretical and empirical questions concerning the existence and nature of 'working-class authoritarianism,' focusing especially on four psychological aspects of authoritarianism, namely, conventionalism, moral absolutism, obedience to authority, and cynicism.

Authoritarianism and Conservatism: Political Implications of Recent Psychological Research Dr. Chanchal Bhattacharya Assistant Professor Department of Political Science.

Conservative authoritarianism traditionalistic kind of antidemocratic
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