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Preparing for the GDL and a Career in Law

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City Law School

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One consultation document is in three years. Law school. Find out what’s going on at your university’s law school. The law society usually organises events such as trips to open days at other universities, guest speakers and courses on how to use law databases such as Lexislibrary or Westlaw (crucial for when you do the GDL).

Price transparency in the legal services market: a study of small businesses with legal issues. October The survey explored how small businesses choose and use legal and other professional service providers to address problems relating to debt recovery and human resources (HR) matters.

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GDL application process

Introduction. 1. This consultation paper is part of Training for Tomorrow, our response to the report of the Legal Education and Training Review (LETR) which called for a greater focus of regulatory attention on the standards we require of solicitors both at qualification and on an on-going basis.

2. In the Training for Tomorrow Policy Statement of October (the Policy Statement), we. As one of the UK's longest established specialist providers of legal education, The University of Law continuously focuses on developing the best legal minds.

College of law personal statement gdl
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