Assessment of inventory management

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Inventory Management Assessment Tool (IMAT)

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related to its inventory management and practice, to look as any opportunity and treat and in turn to have a good inventory management and practice. The interpretation focus on the result of prevalent data under consideration.5/5(14). inventory management process when compared to another.

The purpose is to compare the inventory management processes in a holistic way, evaluating them from three different perspectives. These are defined in this study as (1) process quality, (2) process efficacy and the (3) strength of inventory control.

ASSESSMENT OF THE ROLE OF MATERIALS MANAGEMENT ON KEYWORDS: Materials Management, Inventory Control Systems, organizational Performance, on the role of Materials Management on Organizational Performance and therefore the study attempts to fill this knowledge gap. The inventory management process has control risk associated with one major issue: making sure all inventory on the balance sheet actually exists.

A business must have in place proper segregation of duties so that no single individual handles all or most aspects of the inventory transaction authorization, preparation, and payment.

Therefore the objective of inventory management is to minimize inventory investment. One benefit of good inventory control is improved managerial efficiency in all functional areas of management. Inventory Management Practices Information Technology Carter and Price () assert that information is the life blood of all organizations.

Inventory Management Assessment Assessment of inventory management
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