Annotated bibliography zebra mussels

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Colons and mussels Mollusca: Field classroom to freshwater mussels of the Man. The family Margaritiferidae is commonly referred to as pearl mussels, naiads, The Asian clam and the zebra mussel are probably the two most common exotic species, which have been introduced to North American freshwaters.

IUCN An Annotated Bibliography of the Reproduction and Propagation of the Unionoida (Primarily of North America. Zebra mussels, Dreissena polymorpha, have destroyed mussel populations in the Great Lakes and significantly reduced mussels in many of the large rivers of eastern North America.

Zebra mussels-have the potential to severely threaten other populations especially if they make their way into smaller streams.

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The Illinois River Natural Resources Bibliography is a compilation of over years of research by Illinois Natural History Survey staff as well as other investigators.

Fish Passage through Dams in Large Temperate Floodplain Rivers: An Annotated Bibliography J. H. Wlosinski, B. C. Knights, and S.

J. Zigler. Fish passage through dams in large temperate floodplain rivers: an annotated bibliography. we included citations related to freshwater mussels because mussel distribution and dispersal are. Scott Elzey's Dr. Seuss Page.

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Search this site. Links. Homepage. Biography. Honors and Awards. Annotated Bibliography and Booklist. Classroom Activity. Additional Resources. Sitemap. Annotated Bibliography and Booklist. Annotated Bibliography-Seuss. On Beyond Zebra (). Zebra mussels can also harm local ecosystems by smothering local mussels and crayfish, harming fisheries and scattering beaches with their sharp shells.

(Minnesota Sea Grant, ). Bythe population stretched from Quebec to Louisiana and today they can be found as far west as California. (USGS, ). Management of aquatic invasive species, including zebra mussels, requires a holistic .

Annotated bibliography zebra mussels
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